First inspiring and fruitful Advisory Board meeting

We are very proud to say, that being a small non-profit foundation, we have made rather big steps since the beginning of our initiative exactly one year ago. One of our first objectives was to form an Advisory Board. We are well aware that we can’t do nor know everything ourselves and we need a variety of expertise and advisers  to support us and provide us with advice. We have carefully selected the members and can inform you that our Advisory Board now consist of five very enthusiastic but also very committed members, highly driven to assist us in reaching our goal of empowering the Cuban entrepreneurs. Passion and enthusiasm are important characteristics of the surrounding people that support us and collaborate with us, like ANEC (our Cuban counterpart), the Embassy of the Dutch Kingdom in Cuba, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands, our volunteers, Ayani B.V., Qredits Microfinanciering B.V. as well as our Advisory Board.

IMG-20160525-WA0005The members of our board are: Elwin Groenevelt (CEO Qredits Microfinanciering Nederland), Reintje van Haeringen (Manager Global Programme for Business Development & Women Empowerment at CARE Nederland), Omar Everleny Perez Villanueva (leading Cuban economist), Amalin Sad Rodriguez (founder RelacionArte) and Roy Budjhawan (international banker and microfinance expert.). Each of our advisers has his/her own expertise, providing Stichting Credit4Cuba with knowledge and understanding of Cuba, small & growing business development, strategic thinking of the inclusive finance sector, access to funding and management of the foundation. We are honored and very thankful for the amazing support we receive from the advisers, who all share our passion to assist small and growing entrepreneurs in Cuba with training, coaching and access to funding.

1On 25 May 2016 we had our first official Advisory Board meeting in Amsterdam. During the informal lunch meeting the passion of the members, Elwin, Reintje, Amalin and Roy, was almost touchable. Unfortunately, Omar Everleny couldn’t be present since he was in New York at the time of the meeting. During his last visit to Cuba mid June, Dennis had the opportunity to speak with him and ask his advice on our future projects. The meeting with the other members was very fruitful and highly inspirational, discussing the progress of the foundation and current project with ANEC, funding possibilities, future plans in Cuba e.g. training & workshops for the Cuban banks that provide micro credits to entrepreneurs, a (mobile) center for entrepreneurs in Havana etc. We look forward to working with our advisers on an individual basis, as well as to our next meeting in September. Once again, their advice and support is highly appreciated!