First volunteers get-together

Monday 20 June 2016 we had a very inspiring and constructive meeting, at The Penthouse in The Hague, with over 15 well experienced people who contacted us iKnipse3ln the last couple of months to show interest in becoming a volunteer/supporter for Stichting Credit4Cuba.

Each supporter has his/her own expertise and is willing to contribute in his/her own way to assist us with obtaining our goals in Cuba. Knipsel4As a small organisation, we welcome the extra hands, the knowledge and advice they wish to contribute. and we highly appreciate the assistance we receive from our supporters, in addition to the support and advice we receive from our Advisory Board and organisations in and outside of Cuba.

We are truly honoured to have such a great group of enthusiastic supporters who are highly motivated to support us in assisting the Cuban entrepreneurs with training, coaching and (improved) access to funding. We extremely look forward to working with each and every one of them!!