Fourth member to our Advisory Board!

Cuba is slowly opening up and the relationship with the United States is changing step by step, evoking a gradual growth of interest in starting a business in Cuba or initiatives to support the Cuban people. In January, Minister Ploumen was accompanied by 77 corporates, organisations and NGOs from the Kingdom of the Netherlands eager to learn on (business) possibilities and opportunities in Cuba. To do business in Cuba or launch a social initiative like ours, it is vital to know the Cuban ins-and-out, especially in this period of change. Stichting Credit4Cuba is well aware of the fact that we need to build a good network within and outside Cuba of people with profound knowledge of the country, as well as inclusive finance, entrepreneurship, management. People who are willing to assist us with reaching our goals or provide us with the necessary information on the Cuban do’s and don’ts. This was one of the reasons for us to join Minister Ploumen in January, apart from creating awareness of our initiative.

RelacionArte logo_RGB_150 pixSince the start of our initiative to support small and growing entrepreneurs in Cuba, we have met many inspirational people, all with their own wonderful dreams and ideas. One of those people is Amalin Sad Rodriguez, founder of RelacionArte, who we had the pleasure to meet during the mission in January. RelacionArte offers a range of services to those that are interested in building or expanding their (business) relations in Cuba, as well as Bolivia and Ecuador.

“RelacionArte creates opportunities by bringing, good ideas, motivated people and investment capital together. Proactively we look for connections and opportunities in the process of RelacionArte. We do this with the support of a wide network of local professionals within the Latin American world.” Amalin Sad Rodriguez

Amalin understands the Art of how to develop successful Relations with Latin American countries, which explains the name of her business: RelacionArte. Her expertise in combination with her sincere interest in our foundation, made us realise she would be a perfect addition to our Advisory. We met for a coffee in Amersfoort and when we popped the question, Amalin didn’t hesitate for one second. She was pleasantly surprised by our request and accepted with great joy. Welcome on board Amalin! We are looking forward to working with you!

160417 Credit4Cuba AmalinAmalin Sad Rodriguez, founder, worked as project manager for the Oficina del Historiador de La Habana for many years. Within the Oficina del Historiador she worked on different projects to develop the economic and social sustainability of this historic part of La Habana. Amalin  studied civil engineering at the Instituto Superior Politecnico Jose Antonio Echeverria de la Habana (CUJAE) from which she holds a master degree. In 2006  she participated in a exchange project with the University of Lausanne in Switzerland and had the change to work there for a year and a half.  In 2014 Amalin founded RelacionArte. With her company she entered the world of match making, creating opportunities by bringing, good ideas, motivated people and investment capital together in Latin American countries like Cuba, Bolivia and Ecuador.