Introducing the Business Model Canvas to Cuban entrepreneurs

IMG_1049Due to the energy crisis in Cuba, ANEC was told to close their offices during the summer months. However, thanks to Oscar Luis Hung Pentón (President to ANEC) and Paco Borrás (our ANEC Project Manager), ANEC did open their doors at the head office in Havana on 10 August, giving Gerben Beijneveld the floor to provide his interactive workshop to a group of Cuban (starting) entrepreneurs.

KnipselGerben Beijneveld is professor in Entrepreneurship at the NHTV at Breda, the Netherlands. He visited Cuba in August, together with his wife Mirjam Zwolsman, both entrepreneurs as well. Mirjam designs exclusive leather bags and runs her business together with Gerben. During their visit to Cuba Gerben provided a workshop on Entrepreneurship, where Mirjam’s IMG_1037business and their experiences running a small enterprise themselves provided Gerben a lot of practical, hands-on examples. Starting point of his workshop is the Business Model Canvas, which he explained step by step during the workshop, giving the participants the opportunity to analyze their own business in a practical and easy way.

We thank ANEC and Gerben for this opportunity to give the Cuban entrepreneurs new and innovative tools to run a successful business! Our next workshop in cooperation with ANEC will be Wednesday 14 September. The workshop on the “Person behind the Enterprise” will be provided by Jan Louvenberg.