November workshop by Amaya Garmendia on finance

Through Elwin Groenevelt, CEO of Qredits Microfinanciering Nederland (Qredits) and our first Advisory Board member, we met Amaya Garmendia. Amaya is a Financial Consultant and an expert on valuations of companies and their corresponding feasibility plans. She also coaches and advises Dutch entrepreneurs in her role as a Qredits coach.

Qredits emphasizes, just like Stichting Credit4Cuba, the importance of linking (starting) entrepreneurs with experts and entrepreneurs with hands-on experience. This gives the starting entrepreneur the opportunity to sound board his/her short and long term plans with an expert or ask questions that could help run a successful enterprise. Part of our overall plan is to set up a pool of coaches, Cuban and non-Cuban, to offer coaching as well as to the small and growing entrepreneurs in Cuba.

Amaya went for the foundation to Cuba business-model-canvas-lienzoin November, to provide an interactive workshop on Financial and Business Models. Just like Gerben Beijneveld, she is an expert on the Business Canvas Model. She started her workshop with providing a recapitulation of the model and continued with an in-depth presentation of Financial and Business Models, discussing a case from the audience.

ANEC as well as the participants very well appreciated Amaya’s workshop and we received various comments from the participating entrepreneurs that her knowledge is very welcome in Cuba. Next year we will provide, in cooperation with our Cuban counterpart ANEC, a full training program for (starting) entrepreneurs. We are proud to announce that Amaya will be part of our team of trainers.