Our Advisory Board

We have carefully selected the members to our Advisory Board and are proud to introduce our first members. Each member has his/her own expertise, providing Stichting Credit4Cuba with knowledge and understanding of Cuba, small & growing business development, strategic thinking of the Inclusive Finance sector, access to funding and management of the foundation.

Members of the Advisory Board:

ElwinElwin Groenevelt, CEO of Qredits. Elwin holds a bachelor’s degree from the Amsterdam Academy for banking and finance. After 14 years in commercial banking he founded Qredits in 2009. Qredits is the only nationally operating microfinance organisation in the Netherlands offering microcredit business loans (up to €50.000), SME loans (up to €250.000), mentoring and innovative training tools. Since 2013 Elwin is Treasurer of the Board of the European Microfinance Network.

Reintje2Reintje van Haeringen, Manager Global Programme for Business Development & Women Empowerment at CARE. Reintje is a development expert with over 20 years of experience in Latin America, Africa and Asia. She has specialized in projects and programs that involve private companies and entrepreneurs in development processes. She also has developed research, evaluations, methodologies and publications in this field, among others for Ford Foundation and the Inter-American Development Bank. In 2011 she was appointed Regional Director for SNV in Latin America, leading the organization through the final stages of a change process from a subsidized entity to an organization operating in the marketplace, while successfully fulfilling its mission of poverty reduction and economic inclusion. In 2014 she moved on to lead a global program on Women Empowerment through Enterprise Development, funded by the H&M Conscious Foundation and implemented through CARE International.

KnipselOmar Everleny Perez Villanueva, Professor and Researcher in Economics. Omar is the former Director of the CEEC (Center for the Study of the Cuban Economy, University of Havana). He graduated in 1984 in Economics at the University of Havana, obtained his Master in Economical and International Political Sciences at CIDE, Mexico in 1990 and his Ph. D. in Economics at the University of Havana 1990. Omar is one of the key figures in the Cuban economical reformation process and advises the Cuban government on the reformations. He has done a lot of research in the field of the national and international economy. In addition, Omar has published more than 80 articles and is the co-author of various publications.

Knipsel AmalinAmalin Sad Rodriguez, founder Relacionarte.info. Amalin worked as projectmanager for the Oficina del Historiador de La Habana for many years. Within the Oficina del Historiador she worked on different projects to develop the economic and social sustainability of this historic part of La Habana. Amalin studied civil engineering at the Instituto Superior Politecnico Jose Antonio Echeverria de la Habana (CUJAE) from which she holds a master degree. In 2006 she participated in a exchange project with the University of Lausanne in Switzerland and had the change to work there for a year and a half. In 2014 Amalin founded RelacionArte. With her company she entered the world of matchmaking, creating opportunities by bringing good ideas, motivated people and investment capital together in Latin American countries like Cuba, Bolivia and Ecuador. 

RoyRoy Budjhawan, international banker and microfinance expert. Roy is active in the microfinance sector since 2006 during which he built significant experience in lending, education and research. Next to microfinance he is also active in impact finance in general. He has 22 years of banking experience in Marketing, Retail and Corporate banking, Risk management and Strategy. He is an active member of NpM, Platform for Inclusive Finance, as well as member of the Social Investor Working Group of SPTF. Roy is committed to create social impact for the excluded. In private he holds several board memberships in the cultural sector. He studied Economics and Law in Groningen, the Netherlands and started at ING Bank as management trainee after graduation.