Next, Jos van der Sterren on Financial Products and Microfinance

Since our first workshop in April this year on Client Orientation, we have provided several more interactive workshops in Havana, Cuba. The next workshop in our 2016 series was provided by Elwin Giel. He provided an interactive workshop on “Marketing”, presenting many inspiring marketing examples to the audience. In August Gerben Beijneveld introduced the “Business Model Canvas” during his workshop at the ANEC headquarters in Havana, Cuba. Followed Jan Louvenberg in September, with a workshop on the “Key Competences of an Entrepreneur”. The workshops were very well received by the participants and ANEC, our Cuban counterpart. Next in the row is Jos van der Sterren. Jos is an Inclusive Finance consultant and will talk about “Financial Products for Entrepreneurs and Microfinance” during his workshop at Wednesday 26 October. We are curious to hear the reactions and learn from the participants, as well as ANEC!

footer-logoIn Cuba we work in close cooperation with ANEC. All our workshops are organised at their offices and we are very grateful ANEC opens up their doors for us! Together with ANEC we are exploring the possibilities of offering a full program of workshops in 2017 to starting and established entrepreneurs providing them with tools and knowledge to run a successful (small) business.

The added value of our trainers, like Elwin, Gerben, Jan and Jos, is their hands-on, practical knowledge and experience on topics like financial and practical management, marketing, entrepreneurship, client services and orientation, intercultural negotiations and more. The 2017 program of workshops will be a full-scale collaboration program of Cuban and non-Cuban experts and trainers. Foto workshopsEach workshop will be provided by a Cuban expert and a non-Cuban expert! Apart from their mutual knowledge on the topic of the workshop, both will bring their own expertise. The Cuban expert will bring knowledge on the Cuban context and the non-Cuban expert will add practical knowledge and experience to the workshop. We believe this collaboration will offer the participants a perfect combination of theoretical information within the Cuban context as well as hands-on tools to run a successful business.