Our management team

14449011_10202284874798687_6416001714981653196_nMarije Oosterhek (1969), co-founder of Stichting Credit4Cuba and strong supporter of enterprise development in emerging ecnomies. After my studies I have managed a high standard restaurant in Amsterdam and then worked for 15 years in the financial sector. Since May 2015 I dedicate all my time to making a difference in people’s life by supporting enterprise development in emerging economies, with a focus on the non-financial support.

Since my first trip to Cuba in 1999 I have visited the island more then 30 times. As co-founder of Stichting Credit4Cuba I combine my love for the island and its people with my ambition to make a difference, creating positive social impact in the lives of the Cuban entrepreneurs and their families, as well as Cuban society.


Dennis Schmidt (1969): banking & treasury professional and entrepreneur. I am married and proud father of 2 boys (2000 and 2002). I have over 25 years experience in the financial sector, from banking to a multinational corporation, at which I worked for several years as a Corporate Treasurer. As of 2017 I became an entrepreneur myself and through my own company, DS Treasury services & solutions, I work as an Interim Treasury professional for multinationals.

Cuba has been on my scope for decades. As co-founder of Stichting Credit4Cuba I am lucky to work with Cuban and people and organisations from all over the world to support the Cuban entrepreneurs in their efforts to improve their entrepreneurial skills to mutually create a positive social impact.

I am convinced that by accepting each other and working together, we can make a difference.