Paso a Paso

We all are aware there is a liberalization process on going in Cuba since the economic reform that started in 1993. Step by step economical reformations are introduced to the country and it’s wonderful people, always respecting the country’s socialist fundamentals.

Despite a slight loosening of restrictions, any foreign company or non-governmental organisation (NGO) that wishes to work in Cuba still needs a full authorization of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investments (Ministerio del Comercio Exterior y la Inversión Extranjera – Mincex) for their local business activities or project(s). Stichting Credit4Cuba, being a Dutch NGO, will require this authorization to team-up with ANEC, our Cuban alliance party.

Together with Paco Borrás, our dedicated Project Manager of ANEC in Cuba, we are working hard on obtaining the necessary approval from MINCEX, allowing ANEC and us to roll out our full entrepreneurial training program. As we speak we are finetuning our project proposal. We are proud to say that Amalin Sad Rodriguez, one of our member to the Advisory Board, is assisting us with much hart and dedication to make sure we obtain the approval.

In December 2016 and February 2017 we had several meetings with ANEC and CESPANEC (ANEC’s department of higher education) regarding our entrepreneurial training program proposal, which we developed in close cooperation with our dedicated and highly motivated team of business experts.

The training program that we will offer in Cuba to the small and growing entrepreneurs is based on the Business Model Canvas (BMC), a strategic management and lean start-up template for developing new or documenting existing business models. The program consists of 10 inter-active workshops. Each workshop will be dedicated to one of the building blocks of the BMC and we are very proud to say that each workshop will be given by one of our Stichting Credit4Cuba experts in cooperation with an ANEC expert.

Each of our experts has his or her own expertise, and all have different backgrounds and working experience. The added value of our experts to the project is their practical business knowledge and teaching experience. The Cuban experts contribute their knowledge of the Cuban context to the training program. Together the experts contribute their theoretical and practical knowledge of the various subjects we touch base during the full training program.

All workshops will be held at ANEC locations in Havana and perhaps even some cities close to Havana. As a nice add on we can inform you that all workshops are in Spanish and for free. Stay tuned for more information on the program and the start date! If you are interested in learning more about our full training program please email us at