Successful first interactive workshops in cooperation with ANEC

Since our first fruitful meeting in November 2015 with Paco Borrás, Vice-President at ANEC, a lot has happened. We have had several meetings with the very enthusiastic Paco, as well as with Oscar Luis Hung Pentón, the President of ANEC, who is very supportive of our initiative. As a result Stichting Credit4Cuba and ANEC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the 1st of March 2016, to seal our strong intention to cooperate with the Cuban NGO, in the field of training & coaching of small and growing entrepreneurs in Cuba.

AKnipselfter signing the MoU, Paco Borrás and us immediately started planning the first interactive workshops and we are proud to inform you that on 29 April and 4 May the first workshops on Hospitality and Client & Service Orientation took place. In close cooperation with ANEC, Stichting Credit4Cuba provided these first workshops to two different groups of (starting) entrepreneurs. The workshops were very well received by the participants and everybody participated actively, reaching the goal of our workshops of participation and exchanging experiences. Indeed, with our workshops we not only aim to provide the (starting) entrepreneurs with tools and information on how to run or improve a business, we also wish to provide them a moment of know-how exchange and networking. And we succeeded! We felt that the participants are very eager to learn, but to share experiences and practical know-how as well. Which is truly awesome!

IMG-20160505-WA0020In June and July we will be back in Cuba to provide more workshops, also on Marketing & Communication and Business Innovation. In addition, ANEC is setting up various workshops by Cuban experts and professionals as well. If you would like to support the Cuban entrepreneurs as well by providing an interactive workshop please do not hesitate to contact us at