Catching up and networking at the FIHAV

Our visit to the FIHAV (International Fair of Havana) November 2015 can be seen as a landmark in our adventure to support small and growing entrepreneurs in Cuba. One could even say that during our November 2015 visit to Havana the foundation was laid for Stichting Credit4Cuba and it’s supporting network. We got acquainted with several Cuban organisations (like ANEC and the University of Havana) and non-Cuban organisations (like the UNDP and the EU) the week before the FIHAV, as well as many Dutch companies already active in Cuba or trying to get foot on the ground on the Caribbean island.

img_7025As last year’s visit to the FIHAV was such a success we decided to go again this year, this time even more prepared and visible! And again we had a very fruitful and inspirational week. One of the biggest compliments we received is the remark that we are a true inspiration to others. It seems that our enthusiasm and decisiveness to reach our goals not only work like a catalisor for our own initiative, but stimulates others to make a difference as well. What more could we ever dream of!

img_7056This year the Holland Pavilion at the FIHAV was organised by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Cuba and Womy Equipment Supply, a Dutch company that is already active in Cuba for quite a while. And they did a great job, which made them win the prize for best design on the FIHAV. Congratulations! The Holland Pavilion was inaugurated by Alexandra Valkenburg, Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Cuba, and Roberto López, Cuban Vice-Minister of Foreign Trade and Investments.

There were many Dutch companies to catch up with during the FIHAV, but also new faces on the Holland Pavilion floor to get acquainted with. Great to be amidst so many enthusiastic people and to be part of this group of Dutch entrepreneurs and pioneers.

Of course, there was also some catching up to do outside of the Holland Pavillion and walking around at the FIHAV lead to some great new contacts, inside and outside Cuba. Step by step our network is growing and we get closer to reaching our goals.