Visual storytelling

During Minister Ploumen’s business and social mission in January 2016 Stichting Credit4Cuba has had many interesting, inspiring and exiting meetings. One of the people that seemed to be very intrigued by our initiative was Hans Boot of We had several vibrant conversations during the coffee breaks in Hotel Nacional (Havana) and even after the mission we continued to talk. 

Hans Boot is an expert in thinking outside of the box, making our conversations very lively and looking at things from a surprising angle. We love it! Hans came up with some very interesting ideas to give our initiative a boost, which we are indeed exploring. And we are looking into the possibilities of working together in the area of marketing, as well as coaching the Cuban entrepreneurs.

Hans is a visual storyteller, visualising stories in an animated way. Check out his blog on Cuban’s list of 201 to see his visual interpretation of Stichting Credit4Cuba and our initiative to support Cuban entrepreneurs.