Welcome on board Reintje!

Sometimes you meet somebody and there is an immediate connection. From the moment you start talking there is this feeling of mutual respect and interest. This happened to us when we met the first time with Reintje van Haeringen, Manager Global Programme for Business Development & Women Empowerment at CARE. We met in The Hague for a quick lunch and to get acquainted with each other. The meeting was inspiring, joyful and warm. When we stepped into the car to drive back to Amsterdam, we looked at each other and both came up with the same word on the spot: the Board of Advisory!

naamloosOne week later we met again with Reintje, this time at her office. When we popped the question, she only needed a split second to think before saying that she would be honoured to become the second member, next to Qredit’s CEO Elwin Groenevelt, to our Advisory Board. Needless to say that we are extremely pleased and proud to announce that as of the 22nd of March Reintje van Haeringen joined our Advisory Board, there by becoming a highly valued adviser to our foundation in the field of business development and entrepreneurship. We are looking forward to working with Reintje!

Pic RvH for IWDReintje van Haeringen is a development expert with over 20 years of experience in Latin America, Africa and Asia. She has specialized in projects and programs that involve private companies and entrepreneurs in development processes. She also has developed research, evaluations, methodologies and publications in this field, among others for Ford Foundation and the Inter-American Development Bank. In 2011 she was appointed Regional Director for SNV in Latin America, leading the organization through the final stages of a change process from a subsidized entity to an organization operating in the marketplace, while successfully fulfilling its mission of poverty reduction and economic inclusion. In 2014 she moved on to lead a global program on Women Empowerment through Enterprise Development, funded by the H&M Conscious Foundation and implemented through CARE International.