Workshop on key competences of an entrepreneur

image4Wednesday 14 September Jan Louvenberg provided the second workshops in our 2016 series, at the ANEC headquarters in Havana, Cuba. Jan, Human Resources Consultant & Advisor, gave an interactive workshop on “Key Competences of an Entrepreneur”.

We are proud to say that this workshop was very well received by ANEC, the participants and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Cuba. Liz ter Kuile and Peter-Jan Kok of the Economic Department of the Embassy joined the workshop, which was facilitated by Paco Borrás from ANEC and Amalin Sad Rodriguez, Member to our Board of Advisors.

Peter-Jan Kok wrote a very positive report on the workshop. He writes that Jan was very well able to connect to the Cuban entrepreneurs, an added value that we highly appreciate. We understand that it is essential that we, and our trainers as well, understand the Cuban context and private sector profoundly, to provide the correct hands-on tools and practical training in Cuba. This is one of the reasons Jan also interviewed several entrepreneurs during his stay in Cuba, aiming to understand even better their entrepreneurial needs and requirements. We are looking forward to receiving his input and findings, which we can use to fine-tune our 2017 program.

image2Peter-Jan added furthermore that Jan was truly able to let the participants consider their own strengths and weaknesses within their company during his workshop. And it was great to hear that Jan’s personal touch by continuously making the crowd laugh, gave the seminar extra value and created a friendly ambiance. Thumbs up Jan!

We thank Jan Louvenberg, Paco Borrás and Amalin Sad Rodriguez for making this workshop the next successful in a row. Our next workshop will be on Wednesday 26 October, provided by Jos van der Sterren, Inclusive Finance Consultant. He will give a workshop on Financial Products for Entrepreneurs. Looking forward to it!